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25 Nov 2016

17 Apr 2015


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Decoupage Decoupage

Decoupage materials and supplies - decoupage papers, decoupage varnishes and serviettes in a variety of designs.


Decoupage paper TODO (111)

High quality decoupage paper in various sizes and designs. Here you will find as well rise paper and special surface papers like the ones with metalic effects. You can visit as well our category with wooden boxes with special designs.

Decoupage paper Finmark (145)

Here you will find some great Finmark decoupage paper designs for your decoupage projects. The collection of decoupage papers ia pretty and large and you can choose from a number of interesting topics like art, nature, retro and modern designs. This will make you decoupages even beter and will give even more fuel to your creativity.

Varnishes and patina for decoupage (99)

Here you will find all kinds of varnishes, sealants, and adhesives and patina designed specifically for decoupage technique. You will find here as well other useful lack and glue materials for decoupage. You can look as well at our brush collection with all the types of soft and universal brushes.

Serviette (127)

Various models paper serviettes suitable for collage, decoupage, and other decorations. The designs come from diferent places in the worls. You can see as well our collection of decoupage lack and glue if you click here

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Elle Erre cardboard - white

Elle Erre cardboard - white

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Felt sheet white

Felt sheet white

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