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Cross-stitch materials & accessories Cross-stitch materials & accessories

Here you will find all kinds of additional materials for cross-stitching and embroideries like hoops, embroidery fabric, embroidery threads, cushions backs and many other. If you are looking for embroidery beads you might visit our collection with Preciosa beads


Embroidery cotton threads Madeira (27)

The embroidery cotton threads of Madeira are manufactured from the finest egiptian cotton which gives them the lustre finished looks and fine soft thouching experience. The threads are packed in a very usefull package which protects the threads from dust. One package has 10 meters of cotton thread. 

Silk threads Madeira (7)

The collection inludes 108 beautiful colours. These threads are perfect vor various embroideries, needlework, quilting, smocking, cross-stitch and all kinds of other decorations. The silk threads of Madeira have a beautiful finished looks when used in embroideries and decorations. They are shiny and they are 100% silk. The hight quality guarantees you that these threads will provide an exellent performance and experience. 

Embroidery Rayon Madeira Decora (10)

The embroidery Rayon Decora threads Madeira are manufactured from 100% viscose filament. The collection inludes 80 beautiful colours. These threads are perfect vor various embroideries, needlework, quilting, smocking, cross-stitch and all kinds of other decorations.

Tapestry Threads Ravel (45)

Tapestry thread from the collection of Ravel especially for the creation of cross-stitch cushions, rugs and latch hook embroideries. These threads are with lenght 10 meters and are 100% acryl. 

Cross-stitch fabric (2)

Embroidery and Cross-stitch fabric in different colours and count. If you need to read more information about embroidery fabric count and mesurements you can visit our Embroidery information page. If you would like to buy a ready embroidery kit you can go to the embroidery and cross-stitch kit section with it's thousands of models.

Embroidery hoops (4)

Embroidery hoops and Sew Frames for embroideries with diferent sizes and shapes for a greater sewing experience. For the free embroideries the hoop is very important because it keeps the embroidery stretched just the right way. In cross-stitch embroidery frames make counting easyer and help you make the stitches more even and pretty.

Cushion Backs (26)

Cushion backs are very handy when you choose to embroider cross-stitch cushions without a back included in the kit. They can be handy as well if you are drawing and sewing a patchwork. They come in diferent models to give you the opportunity to choose the best fabric and design you like.

Embroidery needles (2)

A cross-stitcher can never run out of needles for every kit you buy has a needle inside. But if you need a needle you can find some sizes and models here. Some people like to embroider with many needles at the same embroidery - in this case these will be useful.


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