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The new cross-stitch collection Zolotoe Runo

Date: 2015-02-07

The new collection Zolotoe Runo, known as well as the Golden Fleece is very rich in designs and indeed very beautiful. The kits are cross-stitch but may contain half stitch as well. Big part of the collection is made of models that are sewed on the whole area of the design. The kits are original and are manufactured with hight quality materials - threads Madeira manufactured in Germany. The fabric is Zweigart and in this collection is most often 14 ct, 16 ct and 18 ct. 


The collection includes designs that are created on black, red or blue fabric which makes them very interesting and beautiful. Some of the kits have Swarovski stones, beads and special threads which gives these models a trully remarkable look. Sone of the models on black fabric very famous like these Doves you see here. The drawing is made on a black 14 ct fabric and the backgrownd is left without stitches to make the doves even more beautifull and embossed. The author of these two love doves is Elena Krumina.




The collection of Zolotoe Runo has sequences that stand amazingly both togeather and alone. As an exmple we can give the flamingo cross-stitch kit which is really very pretty. The embroidery is very gentle and the colours are really deep and tender. These flamingo birds you see on the canvas are one of the 6 types of Flamingo. These are the American flamingo birds. Did you know that the Flamingo birds actually  are white and the pink colour of their feathers comes from their food? Trully amazing cratures.


In the collection there are really impressive landscape cross-stitch kits and all kinds of designs you will enjoy creating.

The collection includes as well some amasing animal designs like these snow leopards for exmple with size 34 / 52 cm. 

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