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Professional color pencils Polychromos - wooden box - 120 colors

Professional color pencils Polychromos - wooden box - 120 colors

Rating: 10
Weight: 2.150 Kgs
Code: IM8816010999090FC

Set of color pencils Polychromos professional series of Faber-Castell containing high quality pigments, which provides unsurpassed light-resistance. Buttery smooth color laydown offered by these pencils, allows easy blending of colors and achieving layered effects, shading, accents and toning. Graphite is break-resistant, waterproof, with a diameter of 3.8 mm and is encased in premium California cedar. Special Secureall bonding between them prevents breakage of graphite. All this provides a crisp coating and fine lines and constant, rich color. Designed with green colors and a non-toxic coating pencil. Pencils are pre-sharpened and are in a special wooden box of high quality wenge.

  • Place an order for 100.00лв. + Buy Professional color pencils Polychromos - wooden box - 120 colors or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.
  • Place an order for 200.00лв. + Buy Professional color pencils Polychromos - wooden box - 120 colors or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.
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This amazing Polychromos colour pencil box includes the folowing colours: white, ivory, cream, light yellow glaze, cadmium yellow lemon, light cadmium yellow, light chrome yellow, cadmium yellow, dark cadmium yellow, dark chrome yellow, cadmium orange, orange glaze, dark cadmium orange, light cadmium red, scarlet red, pale geranium lake, deep scarlet red, deep red, middle cadmium red, permanent carmine, dark red, magenta, madder, alizarin crimson, pink carmine, rose carmine, fuchsia, middle purple pink, light purple pink, pink madder lake, light magenta, light red violet, red-violet, crimson, manganese violet, violet, purple violet, blue violet, mauve, delft blue, dark indigo, indanthrene blue, helioblue-reddish, cobalt blue, ultramarine, light ultramarine, skyblue, cobalt blue-greenish, phthalo blue, middle phthalo blue, light phthalo blue, bluish turquoise, prussian blue, helio turquoise, cobalt turqoise, light cobalt turqoise, cobalt green, deep cobalt green, hooker's green, dark phthalo green, chrome oxide green fiery, phthalo green, emerald green, light phthalo green, light green, grass green, leaf green, permanent green, permanent green olive, pine green, chrome oxide green, juniper green, olive green yellowish, may green, earth green yellowish, chrome oxide green opaque, earth green, caput mortuum, indian red, caput mortuum violet, burnt carmine, dark flesh, medium flesh, light flesh, cinnamon, pompeian red, venetian red, sanguine, burnt ochre, terracotta, light yellow ochre, naples yellow, dark naples ochre, green gold, brown ochre, raw umber, bistre, van dyck brown, nougat, burnt umber, burnt siena, walnut brown, dark sepia, warm grey VI, warm grey V, warm grey IV, warm grey III, warm grey II, warm grey I, cold grey I, cold grey II, cold grey III, cold grey IV, cold grey V, cold grey VI, payne's grey, black, silver, gold, copper.

by Емилия Тошева, 26 Nov 2017

Супер е :)

by Емилия Тошева, 09 Oct 2016


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