Chech beads Preciosa 46316 number 10 - capuchino pearl

Chech beads Preciosa 46316 number 10 - capuchino pearl

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: 46316/331-19001/10

10 g original Chech beads Preciosa, calibrated with exellent quality. These beads are suitable for the creation of more acurate and fine jewlery art and ornaments that need the beads to be perfectly calibrated and equal to a maximum degree. Size 10.

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The beads come in a plastic envelope with a zipper. The Chech beads Preciosa are one of the most prefered beads in the higher quality brands groop. They are uncomparably better than the usuall low class beads. The low class beads althought good for some decorations are simply no good when you want to create the perfect design in a jewlery or in a decoration.This is why the hight class Preciosa beads are perfect with the equal size of the beads and standartised performance is valued. 

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