Acrylic paint Artist Acryl Marabu 941 raw sienna

Acrylic paint Artist Acryl Marabu 941 raw sienna

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Code: IM880402899963941MB

This collection acrylic paints is manufactured by Marabu with exellent quality especially for vrious drawing techniques because it is perfect for a great number of surfaces. They are lightfast and conteain a high consistancy of pygments. You can draw and decorate with them as the paints come in diferent quantity tubes and are easy to use, cary and store.Quantity 22 ml. in a plastic tube.   

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The acrylic paints are water soluable and are very comfortable to work with. The y dry very fast for minutes or hours, but you can influence the speed of the drying with different mediums.  You can use various mediums for other effects as well by mixing them with the acrylic paint as acrilic paints work very well when combined with cirtain materials and substances. After the paints dry they become water resistant and this makes them great not only for drawing but as well for the creation of various decorations. Barcode: 4007751630919

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