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Acrylic spray Media P22617 poppy

Acrylic spray Media P22617 poppy

Weight: 0.060 Kgs
Code: IDP22617SP

Acrylic spray 50ml is water based with bright color, in a convenient dispenser.  The spray should be shaken well before use. Available in a choice of 36 colors. This spray is perfect for various kinds of decorations. The colours are bright and become more intense or less intense in corespondance to how you apply the paint. If you cpray closer to the surface the cvolours will become intense and bright. The opposite if you  spray from a larger distance you will get a more sfumato coloration.

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Designed for use with stencils, for creating backgrounds and to create a basis on porous surfaces such as wood, paper or canvas. Different colors can be mixed with each other and are waterproof, lightresistant, with quick drying.


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