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Cross-stitch kit Permin

Cross-stitch kit Permin "Bicyckling"

Weight: 0.250 Kgs
Code: KD14-6364GB

Cross-stitch kit "Bicyckling" - Permin. Size: 5 / 6 cm. Thread: cotton embroidery thread, fabric: 16 count white aida, booklet: color chart. Mini kits collection.

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The kit includes all the materials nessesary - fabric, chart, legend, thread, needle. The kit includes aditional thread. All instructions about the type of stitch and number of thread are on the color drawing. After you have finished the cross-stitch kit you can wash it with warm water and when dry you can iron it on the back side. Original Permin cross-stitch kit.
   Hight quality of the used materials. Color chart. If you need aditional information about this product please write to us and we will send you an e-mail in a short notice. Barcode: 5702851463649

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