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Glitter Liner Marabu

Glitter Liner Marabu

Weight: 0.030 Kgs
Code: IM8807024999780TX

The Glitter Liner is manufactured by Marabu for decorating a very big variety of surfaces like metal, wood, paper, glass and textile. When you draw on fabric it can be washed and laundered at a temperature up to 40 degrees celsium. After the drawing is finished you need to let it dry for six hours and after that you can fixate by ironing it on the back side. This liner is perfect for outlining drawings, drawing and writing on fabric. Quantity 3 х 25 ml. 

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When you draw on textile the fabric must be clean and must have not more than 20% synthetic material for this pait works best with natural fabrics and will keep the most of it's best properties. The colours in this collection are verry pretty and perfect for adding beautiful details. This Fashion-Liner has no smell and is water based.


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