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Cross-stitch kit Vervaco PN-0012088

Cross-stitch kit Vervaco PN-0012194

Weight: 0.150 Kgs
Code: AVPN-0012194GB

Vervaco embroidery. Size 32 сm /32 сm. Cross stitch kit. Fabric 14 ct fabric. The kit contains chart, needle and instructions.

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The kit includes all the materials nessesary - fabric, chart, legend, thread, needle and beads and ribbons if needed. All instructions about the type of stitch and number of thread are on the drawing and aditional instruction sheets. After you have finished the embroidery you can wash it with warm water and when dry you can iron it on the back side. Original Vervaco kit made in Belgium.
Cotton DMC threads.

If you need aditional information about this product please write to us and we will send you an e-mail in a short notice.

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