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Tehnici de hârtie Tehnici de hârtie

Here you can find origami kits, papercut kits, paperfolding and other paper kit utilities.


Cardboard boxes (7)

Cardboard box  kits for creating beautiful boxes. Designed by Kadife Kraft Ltd.

Origami kits (1)

Origami kits with all materials and instruction included.

Origami paper (8)

Two sided origami paper in diferent sizes and colored designs.

Forme din hârtie (0)

Seturi cu forme din hârtie pentru creare de flori și alte elemente decorative, fuguri din hârtie etc. Formele din hârtie sunt cu relief. Sub fiecare produs are descriere și informație.

Scrapbooking and decoration (22)

Different materials for scrapbooking and decoration

Papier macher shapes for decoration (7)

Here you can find papier macher shapes for decoration, decoupage and other techniques as well as other objects for decoration like mask shapes.

Papier mache materials (6)

Here you will find papier mache, holzmache and other materials for creating papier mache shapes. If you are looking for glue you can visit our Adhesive and adhesivetapes section. 

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Carton Ele Ere, 240g, A4 alb

Carton Ele Ere, 240g, A4 alb

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Filț alb

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