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Embossing Embossing

Embossing materials for heatt embossing technique.


Embossing powders & enamel (56)

In this category you can fing embossing powder and enamel for heat gun embossing.

Embossing tools (2)

Emmbossing heat gun, emmbosing ink pad and ink refillers for quality experience and resault.

Embossing pen and markers (0)

Here you will find embossing pen, marker and other embossing ink tools for more elaborate finishing and special efects.

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Carton Ele Ere, 240g, A4 alb

Carton Ele Ere, 240g, A4 alb

Price: 0.36лв.

Price: 1.55лв.
Filț alb

Filț alb

Price: 0.80лв.