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In "paper" section you can find various kinds of paper and cardboard, paper decorations and clean paper products for your art projects.


Cardboard (9)

Cardboard for card making and scrapbooking in a great variety of colours. The card boards come in diferent types of thickness and here you can find 170 g., 200 g, 240 g. and 300 g. carboard. All of the cardboards in this section are with size A4 and most are mat surface but you can find pearl cardboard here as well.

Cardboard and paper formated (15)

Here you will find diferent format Cardboard and paper kits for cardmaking and scrapbooking. The cardboard kits are perfect for small post cards and effects on bigger scrapbooking decorations. They are great as well for school projects.

Craft cardboard (2)

We have a great variety of paper and cardboard with diferent effects and type of designs for all kinds of scrapbooking and decorations. Here you will find metallic paper, embossed  paper, hologram paper and many more most of which manufactured in Europe.

Colored paper for printing (55)

Here you will find various colored paper for printers in the most common sizes A4 and A3. The packages are usually 100 sheets, 250 sheets and 500 sheets. The paper is between 80 and 110 g. and under each product there is additional information about the properties of the paper. Here you will find as well white paper. 

Special paper sheets (2)

Paper sheets with special properties - magnet sheets for printer, paper for printer with special properties and many more. With these products you can create decorations for clothes, windows and so much more.

Colored paper (0)

Color printed paper for applications, collage in a big variety of colors and designs. This is mostly envelope paper that is formated in A4 size for use in decorations. The paper can be used for decoupage or diferent efects on objects. 

Tracing paper (0)

Tracing paper in various colors for cards and decorations - 100 g. Lighter colours are more transparent than darker ones. All coloures are great for card making and scrapbooking.

Tishu paper (56)

Size 50 cm / 70 cm. This paper is suitable for Torcevanie, decoupage, envelope and other art projects. Tishu paper is very good for creating 3D shapes and can be folded to stand in a certain position which makes it great for numerous types of decorations.

Corrugated cardboard (0)

Corrugated cardboard  for art projects, toys and cards. This microfiber cardboard is perfect for creating toys and other decorations. One side has a wave embossed surface and the other side is flat.

Rubber paper EVA (15)

Fun paper is great for various kinds of decorations, toy making, card making and even the creation of smart and easy stamps. Here you will find different colours of fun paper for your art projects.

Velvet paper (2)

Paper with velvet cover.

Cardboard figures (0)

Cardboard figures in various shapes and colors for trim and decoration.

Postage stamps (0)

Old and used postage stamps and signatures detached  from mail envelopes. Postage stamps are suitable for decorations in art projects and posters.

Crepe paper (26)

Here you will find crepp stretch paper which comes in various colours and various stretching properties. Some of the papers stretch more than others and on the other hand others have a very fine structure suitable for many paper decorations. Both types of paper stretch and come in a wide range of colours. 

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