Wooden objects Wooden objects

Here you can find wooden toys, decorations and puzzles for decoupage, painting and other art techniques.


Wooden boxes (28)

Wooden boxes for decoupage, decoration and other art projects. Here you can find as well hand made shaped boxes like swan shaped, elephant shaped and other.

Wooden shapes (1022)

Most of the wooden shapes in this collection are hand cut and are made for decorations and art projects. They can be as well great toys and souvenirs.

Wreath base (41)

Handmade wreath base

Wooden kits (171)

Here you can find kits with wooden parts for assembling. 

Wooden frames (115)

Wodden picture and photo frames for various kinds of decorations, painting and decoupage.

Pyrography (3)

Here you will find some great sugestions on the topic of pyrography as this is a great fun technique that needs just a few tools to get strated. With these you can draw and write on the surface of wood by heat and burning and the tool is very easy to work with and great fun to have.

Woodcraft instruments (1)

Here you will find many usefull instruments to work with when you create art on wood and with wood. these come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you choose the right instrument for the right type of wood and size of the project. As you know wood is a great fun to decorate and is as well a wonderful base to sculpt art from.

Wooden shelves and parts for decoration (0)

Hand-cut wooden shelves with floral and other designs. 

Wooden puzzles (0)

Wooden puzzles with various shapes and stile both for decoration and for children toys.

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