Paints various Paints various


Pingments (0)

Pigments for creating paints and other decoration effects.

Aqua Lino printing colours (0)

Paints for deep printing Aqua Linol of Nerchau are for linocut and other techniques for manual printing. Paint can be used for basic linocut, woodcut and others.

"Blackboard" paints Marabu Tafel (7)

Special acrylic water-based paints which converts the surface into "blacboard" after drying -  you can write and draw on it with chalk.

Magnetic paints (2)

Special magnetic paints which converts surfaces into magnetic boards

Marabu Chalky-Chic pastel paints (32)

The ultra matt and velvety soft water-based Chalky-Chic paints are used to transform any individual item into an unmistakable and unique object for your home.

Nerchau glitter liner (0)

Universal acrylic paint with glitter and a 3D effect on water basis. Perfect for tie-dye paper, cardboard, wood, ceramics, clay pots, glass, metal and fabric. The paint is applied directly from the tube that allows you to make even thin lettering. Virtually odorless.

Ranger Liquid Pearls (0)

Pearl emboss paint for paper and textile. These beautiful contour paints are perfect for decorations and cards. The Ranger liquid pearls come In a handy bottle.

Wood Stain (8)

Water based wood stain for decorations on wooden objects. The wood stain is great for various efects like aging. 



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