Ribbons and Cords Ribbons and Cords

Ribbons with different shade, width and material suitable for decorations, patchwork and other beauties. Cords for making toys, decorations and various figures.


Decorative ribbons (87)

Ribbons for decoration and scrapbooking.

Organza ribbons (58)

These Organza ribbons come in a great variety of colours and combinations of colour kits. They are perfect for various crafts and  combine with other ribbons just perfectly. They come in different width and that gives you as well many new design opportunities. 

Assorti ribbons and lace (14)

Here you will find ribbons and lace assorti kits that are designer's choice and offer real nice color and texture combinations. 

Red & White lace (1)

Red & White lace for crafts, decorations and "martenitsi".

Velvet cord (7)

Fluffy velvet cord with metal wire for crafts and toys.

Shiny cord (5)

Shiny cord with metal wire. 

Colorful synthetic cords (0)

Here you can find colorful and neon strings and decorations.

Chains for handmade jewelry (5)

Different types of metal and plastic chains for handmade jewelry.

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