Markers and flumasters Markers and flumasters

Here you will find roller pen, white board pen, liners, color liners with various with of the writing line, chalk pen, permanent and non permament markers. Here you can find as well the Copic marker collection.


Felt tip drawing (11)

All kinds of quality felt tip pen with a great variety of colours. Some of the products are fully washable and are suitable as well for some water colour stamping techniques. The super washable Carioca felt tip pen even change their colour when washed away with watered brush.

Copic markers (223)

Copic are refillers and have two sides. There are 214 colours and a very good variety of accesories.These markers are famous for their quality performance and are very helpful not only in drawing but also in some crafts techniques.

Markers Copic Ciao (192)

Markers Copic Ciao for professional artists, illustrators, architects.

Fineliners (43)

Fineliners in a great variety of colors suitable both for drawing and for writibng. The diferent collections presented in our website come with their slight diferences but all are noted to perform very well.

Liner PITT Artist Pen (115)

Here you will find the collection of PITT Artist Pen liners manufactured by Faber-Castell with hight intensity of pigments. After drying the drawing becomes resistant to light and water. These liners are perfect both for drawing and writing.

Text markers (19)

Text markers with high quality in a great variety of colours and manufacturers. All markers have their best properties and come from respected manufacturers.

Permanent Markers (19)

The permanent collection icludes markers in a wide vatiety of colours and felt top shape which gives a wide range of possibilities when drawing or writing with them. 

Paint markers (0)

Paint markers which are not permanent, but have strong covering ability and are perfect for writing on certain surfaces without leaving a permanent non washable stain.

Glitter markers (0)

Glitter felt tip and roller tip pen with small shining particles that give a crafts project, a signature or your handwriting a special and shiny looks.

Chalk markers (0)

Easily washable marker intended for decoration and are easily removed with a dry or damp cloth.

TATTOO markers (0)

Markers for temporary tattoos. Quickly drying and last up to 60 hours. Really perfect for temporary decorations on the body without leaving a permanent trace on the skin.

Porcelain markers (53)

Markers for painting on porcelain. After baking it is resistant to washing. Porcelan Art marker manufactured by Nerchau.

Glass markers (0)

Markers specifically produced for painting on glass.

White board markers (4)

Easily washable markers for whiteboard in great variety. There is standard models and models with fillers and refilling with ink.

Textile markers (61)

Textile markers for drawing and writing on fabric. They give you a fast and easy way to change one's t-shirt design. The paint is fixed on the fabric by ironing on the back side for 5 minutes.

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