Painting tools Painting tools

Tools for paintings


Canvas (73)

High quality canvas

Primed hardboard (0)

Primed hardboard

Easels (4)

Here you will find an excellent selection of easels for learning facilities and professionals.

Sketchbooks (35)

The sketchbooks in this section are made of quality paper materials that are suitable for different drawing techniques and materials like pencils, soft pastels, chalk, charcoals, markers, sepia, graphic sets, graphites, oil pastels, guash and other drawing materials. There is a good variety of sizes and all drawing books have some info about the main properties of the paper.

Linocut (9)

Here you will find materials and tools for linocut - rollers, cutters and linoleum.

Batik tools (0)

Tools for batik.

Artist accessories (0)

Here you will find diferent accessories and tools for artists like chairs, shelves, instruments and many other.

Тubes and folders (8)

Тubes and folders for artists, architects and engineers, 

Icon wooden boards (0)

High quality icon wooden boards

Drawing models (2)

Here you can find various shapes and models for drawing.

Foam rollers (3)

Rollers for diferent art techniques.

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