Brads and eyelets Brads and eyelets


Hot fix stones for decoration (0)

Flat hot fix stones for decorations, fabric, textile art, applications and other art projects.

Cristals and stones for decoration (9)

Various cristals and stones for decoration and craft projects like card making and other decorations.

Brads (4)

Brads in various shapes, sizes and colors for crafts, decorations and card making.

Eyelets (1)

Eyelets in various shapes and colors for card making and scrapbooking. You can place a finishing thouch to every art project with them.

Card Candy (0)

The Card Candy finishing sengments are perfect for cards and other hand made decorations. They are easy to attach with glue or heat silicon gun. 

Eyes and acsessories (33)

Eyes and acsessories for dolls, craft projects, toys and many other decoration ideas. Some of the eyes have glue, but some do not have glue and you need to attatch them with aditional layer of glue.

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