Packaging Packaging

Here in our online store you will find cellophane bags and other packaging materials with excellent quality. Some are exiting and smart and some materials are necessary tolls for packaging and decorations you might want to create, send, pack and ct.


Ribbons for packing (0)

Here you will find ready to use smart ribbons that become ready to use with one thouch. All you have to do is pull one of the ends of the ribbon and it will get perfectly ready for the present you wish to decorate. These ribbons come in different sizes and colours to make it even easyer and more fun to use them.

Packaging PVC (1)

Plastic bags for all the decorations, products or gifts you wish to create and pack pretty. These come in different sizes and you can create wonderful packing if you combine them with other nice materials like ribbons, cords and various glue tapes. 

Packing foil (0)

Packing foil is suitable mainly for packing but it can be used in the creation of some decorations and craft projects. Like for example yoiu can use the bubble foil - aeroplast to create wonderful felt fabrics using the wet technique. This material will help you finish your project in no time and make it a great fun.

Envelopes (9)

Here you will find various envelopes for letters and small packages. Some of these envelopes are created from craft paper or have airoplast bubles inside.

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