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Here you will find a very good variety of air drying clays, modelin clays, natural clays and polimer clays for baking.


Air drying Clay (19)

Air drying clay for various projects and ideas.

Cold porcelain (0)

Cold porcelain has exelent properties in modeling - it is smooth, it is handled easily and you can create very precice details with it, it has no smell and it dries on air. 

Modelling clay Koh-i-Noor (0)

The polymer clay of Koh-i-Noor is heat gardening modelling clay that will not be influenced by air and will not dry. To harden it you must boil it or bake it. After the hardening is done you can decorate it additionally by painting on it with acrylic or other water soluable paints.

Polimer clay Cernit (0)

Polimer clay Cernit from the "Number One" collection. The finishing is done by baking in temperatures between 110 - 130 degrees celsium for 30 min.

Polimer clay Cernit with special effects (0)

Polimer clay Cernit from the "Nature's colors" collection, "Glamour" collection and "Neon" collection . The finishing is done by baking in temperatures between 110 - 130 degrees celsium for 30 min.

Oven - bake clay Sculpey ІІІ (2)

Oven - bake clay Sculpey III is a little softer than Premo clay. Suitable for fine detail. Bake at 130°C for 30 minutes. Sculpey III and Premo may be mixed.

Oven - bake clay Premo! (1)

Polimer clay Premo! has a very good quality and keeps hands clean. Premo and Sculpey ІІІ can be mixtured. The finishing is done by baking in temperatures between 110 - 130 degrees celsium for 30 min. 

Oven - bake clay Fimo Soft (30)

Polymer Clay "Fimo Soft" collection is a continuation of "Fimo" clayand includes additional colors, metallic and pearl colors. Bake at 130°C for 30 minutes.

Polymer clay Fimo Professional (29)

The professional series Fimo Professional are created for the specialists who really care about the pigment options and mixing of colours a lot and would like to use the 6 main colours with pure pigments. After the baking the colours almost do not change and the structure of the clay is really quality performance one. 

Special clays (1)

These are clays which have a specific property such as the end result is a ерасер or material, which after heat treatment can be further modeled.

Figure Kits With Oven-Bake Clay (4)

These are kits that contain patterns of shapes and materials necessary for their manufacture. The figures must be baked at 130 degrees. Some of the assemblies after baking are converted into a eraser.

Magic modelit clay (0)

The Magic Modelit clay created by APLI is the perfect choice for creating smal toys, shapes, jewlery and other decorations. The properties of the Magic Clay are numerous - it dries on air, it doesn't break apart when you work with it, it doesn't stick to your fingers or the table, it is extra flexible and is perfect for creating joyful shapes. After drying it is very stabel and light. 

Modelin clay (2)

Modelin clay / plasticine suitable for the developement of children's creativity.  

Plasticine (4)

Plasticine for kids as a school material and entertainment tool.

Тools for clay (23)

High quality tools for clay - cutters, chaped cutters, instruments, accessories and many other.

Rubber stamp embossing textures (1)

Here you can find various rubber stamp texturing plates for polymer clay and other decoration techniques. These texture surfaces give a special thouch to all jewlery projects and give all kinds of designs.

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