Stationer's Stationer's


Adhesives and adhesive tapes (43)

Here you can find diferent kinds of adhesive tapes, dots, glues and glue for all kinds of materials.

Magnets (0)

Magnets for creating taylor magnets for friges and other decorations.

Eraser (18)

Еrasers in a different variety of sizes, shapes and properties.

Blackboard chalks (1)

Excellent quality chalks in a variety of colors and sizes.

Sharpeners (9)

 Pencil sharpeners with large and small diameter.

Clips (5)

Clips of various sizes and shapes to hold paper sheets to folders, boards and easels.

Thumbtacks (5)

Thumbtacks with various shapes and colors of heads.

Compasses (7)

Various plastic and metal models compasses.

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