Pencils and pastels Pencils and pastels


Oil pastels (30)

High quality oil pastels for amateurs and professionals.

Soft pastels (72)

High quality soft pastels for amateurs and professionals.

Soft pastels Koh-I-Noor (115)

These soft pastels come in a really wide range of colours.  You can use them in combinations with other sof and dry techniques and use as well pastel pencils for the fine details. These pastels are manufactured by Koh-I-Noor .

Soft Pastels Rembrandt Royal Talens (0)

The Rembrandt pastels manufactured by Royal Talens are offered in a wide collection of colours that count over 200 different colours. They are beautiful and give wonderful drawing options. The pastels are very soft and mix together very easy if you want them to.On every image of the pastel colours you will find plus signs that are to present to you the degree of resistance properties of each colour.

Pencil soft PITT Pastel Faber-Castell (65)

The pastel pencils PITT Pastel manufactured by Faber-Castell work perfectly as complimentary tools in the dry pastel drawings. They have hight consistency of pigments and provide an exellent drawing performance even on dark drawing surfaces. These pastel pencils are famous for their hight quality performance.   

Pastel Pencils Cretacolor Fine Art (0)

These pastel pencils are perfect for the fine details in the pastel drawings. This pencil has a dry pastel stick inside that combines exellent with other types of dry pastels and gives additional options in the drawing process that are hard to achieve with regular pastel sticks and blocks. 

Pencils soft pastels Koh-I-Noor (44)

These pencils have soft pastels inside. They give you the possibility to draw fine details in your drawings. You can combine them with many other drawing tools like chalk, colour pencils from the professional series and really enjoy a wonderfull drawing experience.

Watercolor pastels (33)

Watercolor pastels for amateurs and professionals.

Aquarelle pencils Albrecht Durer (123)

Aquarelle pencils Albrecht Durer are manufactured by Faber-Castell wi exellent quality for both professionals and begginers.

Pencils (108)

All kinds of drawing pencils.

Color pencils Polychromos of Faber-Castell (121)

Color pencils Polychromos professional series of Faber-Castell contain high quality pigments, which provide unsurpassed light-resistance. Buttery smooth color laydown offered by these pencils, allows easy blending of colors and achieving layered effects, shading, accents and toning. 

graphite pencils (121)

Pencils for graphics of the highest quality.

Paper pencils (6)

Pencils made of paper for diferent drawing techniques.

Graphite sticks for automatic pencils (79)

Graphite sticks for automatic pencils

Graphites (18)

High quality graphites for graphics and sketches.

Graphical sets (24)

Quality graphic sets - pencils, soft and oil pastels, chalk, charcoal.

Chalk and charcoal (47)

Professional chalks and charcoals.

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