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Oil Colour Sets (7)

Oil colour sets for painters and non-professionals

Oil colors Art Creation (0)

Oil colors Art Creation for works requiring large amount of paint at a good price.

Oil colors Pebeo (0)

Oil colors Pebeo

Oil paints Classico - Maimeri (0)

Oil paints Classico of Maimeri come in a huge variety of colors.

Oil paints Lukas Terzia (0)

Oil Lukas Terzia are part of the collection paints Shoenfeld with excellent quality. Available in packs of 200 ml. LUKAS Terzia paints are ideal for beginners and students or large format paintings, where the artist is looking for quality paint at an excellent price. Made of highly resistant to fading, non-toxic pigments, mixed with a special blend of linseed oil, sunflower oil and beeswax, LUKAS Terzia Oil has the same buttery texture and quality that have Lucas paints of a higher class. The only difference is that a lower concentration of pigment allows lower price in comparison with other lines. Perfect for backgrounds, large-scale works, and even murals, now Lucas Oil tertiles have improved range in 32 colors, available in 75 and 200 ml packs .

Oil paint Sonet (1)

Russian oil paint Sonet is created with modern technologies and materials. The colors are bright, clear and verry resistant. 

Oil paints Vincent (0)

Oil paints Vincent are quality paints on very good prices.

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