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Textile (24)

Various fabrics for patchwork and other craft projects made from 100% cotton. Here you will find printed cotton fabrics, flat cotton rainforced cotton fabrics and you can choose from a great variety of designs suitable for patchwork and many other decorations and projects. 

Craftabilia Dolly felt sets (13)

Felt dolls - sets do it yourself in a huge variety of beautiful models. An ideal gift for any child. The dolls in the set are easy to sew or glue and are a collection created for contact with the applied techniques. When the model is ready you have a beautiful textile doll with which children can continue to play. The collection includes over 250 models.

Wool pictures kits (1)

Textile Clay in diferent colors is very useful for everyone that works with fabrics and textile materials. The textile clays come in different shapes and colours to give you a better experience while you are working with different fabrics and materials.  

Wool for craft (6)

Wool in great colors in packages of 10 grams.It is excellent for dry and wet craft technique. This category includes only real 100% wool materials. This is important when you work with wool especially with wet and dry felting techniques. Felting is a great hobby and you can find useful materials for felting as well in packaging category for the aeroplast bubble felting.

Felt sheets (44)

Here you will find felt sheets that are made predominantly from syntethic materials as most of the craft felt you have seen. They come in a great variety of colours and designs and are absolutely perfect for numerous decorations and crafts projects. These combine very well with ribbons and cotton fabrics.

KRETZER Solingen scissors (0)

KRETZER Solingen specialise in the produstion of scissors and cutting tools both for industrial and private use. The scissors are hight quality. Manufactured in Germany.

Pillow backs (4)

In this category you will find as an auxiliary product backs for pillows - tapestries. These cushion backs are suitable for many craft projects and you can use them in various decoration techniques as a ready to use pillow backs. You just need to sew them up to your ready embroidery or crafts project.

Zippers (37)

Here you will find various zippers suitable for numerous kinds of clothes or decorations. They come in a wide variety of lenght and colours and this will help you choose the one you need for your projects. Each zipper has additional information with ists main properties and this is very useful.

Textile to decorate (13)

Here you will find various textile bags, bases, hats and clothes that are suitable for you to decorate with the various tools and paints you can find in our store. You can draw on them with textile paints and even make decoupage and other decorations. 

Patchwork cushion kit (0)

The patchwork cushions from the collection Patchwork are full kits with all the materials needed to create the cushion. Size 40 cm / 40 cm.

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