Aquarelle paints, distemper and guash Aquarelle paints, distemper and guash

Our collection of aquarelle and guach paints is getting bigger and better. We have prepared for you various modern and traditional drawing tools and paints and we hope that you will like the quality. Most of the paints you see here have proved to be of great quality and can combine wonderfuly with other drawing materials.


Aqarelle paint (26)

Famous for their great properties and hight quality russian aquarell paints are a very good choice both for begginers and professional artists. The paint is rich in pigments and gives beautiful colours.

Aquarelle mediums (0)

These mediums are created mainly for aquarelle and distemper paints but some of them can be used as well with other water soluable paints. The mediums influence the paints in diferent wais and can give you additional options in your drawing work. Here you will find as well varnished for the paints. 

Aquarelle paints Sonet and White Night (49)

The collection of Sonet and White Night aquarelle paints are both unpressed dried aquarelle paints that provide an exellent quality both for proffessionals and for students at an afordable price. The paint is rich in pigments and gives beautiful colours.

Aquarelle paints Mondeluz (2)

The aquarelle paints Mondeluz of Koh-I-Noor are manufactured in a very nice combination between the traditional way of preparing aquarelle paints and the use of the new technologies. They are made with hand picked pigments to give the best quality of colour and performance. 

Aquarelle paints Horadam (3)

Watercolor paints Horadam are manufactured by Shminke and are known on the market as one of the refined artistic watercolor paints.

Aquarelle paints Cotman (0)

The aquarelle paints Cotman are manufactured by Winsor & Newton as a very good level liquid aquarelle paints. Their properties are achived with the modern technologies and the paint's qualities are very good. 

Aquarelle paints Horadam Aquarell Schmincke (8)

The Aquarelle paints Horadam Aquarell are manufactured by Schmincke with a patented manufacturing proces that makes these paints properties exceptionaly good. The colour palette includes 110 colours 70 of which are made of a single pingment. This makes these paints really good for mixing and really good to work with. 

Aquarelle pastels (33)

The aquarelle pastels give you enormous range of diferent drawing possibilities. The new collections offer you as well pastels that are water soluable, but at the same time pasel like and guach like and all these diferent materials are a great way to really express your ideas.

Aquarelle pencils (46)

The aquarelle pencils collections offer you a wide range of drawing options. The pencils begin with student collections pass trought the more universal quality type that can be used by artists as well and goes to the highest quality  levels for professionals. You can start with a kit with several auarell colours and then try out the hight quality pencils as you can buy single colours or a kit.

Aquarelle pencils Albrecht Durer (157)

The Aquarelle pencils Albrecht Durer is a professional collection of Faber-Castel drawing series. As you can guess the pigments used in these pencils are of a much higher quality and the pencils give brighter colours as you work with them. These collections are suitable mainly for professionals but can be used as well by others who would like to learn. 

Aquarelle pencils Cretacolor (44)

The monolite aquarelle pencils Cretacolor are manufactured with hight quality organic and non organic pigments that give bright and beautiful colours. The pencils are soft but stable and you draw easily with them and all this is because of the quality compounds used to create them. Some of the materials included are various oils and this gives the pencils their softhness and strength.

Guash (4)

Here you can find high quality professional russian guash. Guash and tempera paints are perfect for school activities and for mixed techniques with other types of paints. They are great both for decorations and for drawing as drawing with guash and tempera can be a real pleasure and gives best of results. 

Gouache paints Designers - Winsor & Newton (0)

The gouache paints of Winsor & Newton are a traditional product that is manufactured scince 1935. This long and fruitful experience has led to achieving paints with exellent properties.Today with the new technologies the guash paints of Winsor & Newton have become even more dense, more opaque and quality proof than ever.  

Distemper paint Koh-I-Noor (65)

The distemper paints manufactured by Koh-I-Noor can be used both by professionals and by students. The paints are dense, water soluable, dry very quickly and are easy to mix together in new colours. The paits are manufactured with hight quality materials in a nice balance between organic and nonorganic pigments. 

Distemper and guash kits (5)

Some of these paints have exelent professional properties and  some are a prefered product for the school activities of children and decoration purposes. This category combines all kits as they come in a variety of quantity of the tubes and jars and properties of the paint to offer a choice for every ocasion.

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