New Payment and delivery options!

Date: 2015-08-24

Kadifecraft is a great place to shop for your favourite craft materials. We not only have wonderful products but as well offer you ever better delivery and payment conditions. The news today is the better delivery pricing for the folowing countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Chech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. 

For example a package of 1 kg will be delivered by a courier in 2-4 days for aproximately 5 euro. For two kilograms the delivery will be 6 euro and so forth.

But that is not all. The delivery for these countries is free of charge for orders above 100 euro. The free deliveries are open for packages below 5 kilograms. But don't warry 5 kilograms is a lot.

It is important to know that you can choose many ways of payment like Card payment and PayPal payment but what is new is that you can choose to pay to the courier as well. This is new for our store. This means that the payment will be collected when the courier visits you. This payment method is now available for the folowing countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Chech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia

Sometimes products go out of stock or are dificult to enlist in stock and it is always better if you are in a hurry with the products delivery to call us or to write to us so we can confirm to you that the product is available and you can count on a fast delivery if you place your order.

You can write to us for information about the products or about the delivery especially additional informations you might need to know about the products that are not written in the website listing. We will answer in two days. Have in mind that sometimes we answer to querries and we recieve a mailor damon message. So if you do not recieve an answer please write to us again or call us.

There are products like oil colours that are not allowed to be shipped internationally. So if you are looking at products you think that might be in such list like mediums for paints and like terpentine it is always best to ask us before you you place an order or a payment. We can always refund your payment so if you have already placed such an order we will tell you all you need to know about such products and we will refund as necessary.


Stay arround for there is always something new and we would love to share it with you!

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