Payment methods

We are happy that we can ship internationaly and deliver your orders to your door. All the orders have to be payd before we send them because there is no other way to collect the payment for the products.  We accept Card payments and Paypal payments and they are available to you when you start making your order after you fill in your delivery address. Clients from Romania and Greece can use the option of payment collect on delivery.


All countries

We can ship orders to all countries and we can accept your orders from anywhere in the world. There are countries that forbid some products and in cause of that we might be obliged to return a payment to you if we are not allowed to ship. For example we can not ship oil colours everywhere. So please be understanding if we need to refund the money for one product or for the whole order. 


MasterCard, Visa - payment with bank cards

We accept payments with debit and credit cards Mastercard, Maestro and Visa. It is very easy to pay with your bank card as the website will offer you a secure protocol page to fill in the card nuber and details. We do not see this information, only our bank and your bank can see the transaction full details. So  the payment is quick and very easy. This is how it looks like:


This is a standart payment window for card payments and it has the number of the order, the amount of the order in the currency you have chosen and the space for your card number. Here is how you fill it. First you choose from the drop down menu what kind of a card this is:


and  after you have chosen the type of card you can fill in the numbers.


On one side of the card there is a line of 16 digits. They are very ofthen even embossed. The numbers of the card are separated in 4 sequences of 4 digits. You can simply write them without space between the numbers. Underneath them there is information about the expiry date. The text sais "Valid thru" and the numbers are written like this - 11/18, or 12/06, or else. You need to repeat this the same way you see it in the field "Expiry date". The last field - CVV2/CVC2 - is the security code - this code is on the back side of your card and you need to fill the last tree digits of it. So filling in the card details is very easy. After you have done this you click on "Pay Now" button and your order payment can be accepted.

If the order you made can not be sent because of any given reason we will refund the money of this payment back to your bank account.


Collect on delivery payment

This method of payment is available yet only to clients in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Harvatska, Chech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. This method of payment means that you can pay to the courier who brings you the order. Please write to us if you have questions about products properties, prices or deliveries. The delivery prices for these countries are exellent as well.


Please have in mind a very important thing about payment. When you pay via bank trasfer, PayPal or Collect on delivery options the payment amount may vary a little bit due to the exchange of curency. This has nothing to do with us but has to do with the banks, the currencies and the finantial service you are using.


Frequently asked questions on payment of the orders


I have chosen some products but I intend to buy them later on. Can you keep them for me?

Yes, you can tell us to keep some products for you. For example in January you can send an order with an instruction that you will buy these products in July. We will keep the products for you and in July we will send you a reminder for the order. Then you can make the payment and we can ship the products to you. This is very convenient in many cases especially when you need some time to finish your other artistic project but you would like to have this one kept for you. Regularly some models of some products are stopped from manufacturing and this is a great way to keep the ones you like on hold for yourself. 


I want to pay for the products and get them later on. Will you remember this?

Yes. We will prepare the products and we will keep them until it is time to ship them to you. When this timing comes we will notify you with an e-mail so you can expect them.


How can I change the currency in the website and see the prices of the products in my curency?

You can change the currency of the website fron the left menu under the search box and the payment banners. The currency converter is with a drop down menue and will show you all the curencies that are maintained by the central bank we are attatched to. This way it will always be esyer to review and choose the products.


Do you accept payments in various currency?

The payment process is automated by the banks and this means that no mater in which surrency you send the money they will arrive in our currency. or it will arrive at a currency that is acceptable for us and we work with. But if you have question on these maters you can ask either your bank or ask us. We will be happy to answer.


I want to pay in another way. Can I do that?

Yes. Please write to us and tell us what payment method you prefer. We will do our best to make it possible.


Is the delivery price included in the price of the products?

No. The delivery price is calculated additionally by the couriers and speditors. We give you the best offers available.


The website does not accept my bank card. Why is that?

Please send us a mesage if you have such a problem. We would like to be useful to you and we will check up with our bank why this is hapening and what can be done to fix it.


I have ordered and payed for the products but I want to cancel my order. Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your order. If you cancel your order before we have shiped it we will refund your payment right away. PayPal Refund is done in 1-3 days. Card payments may take from 2-5 days. In bank transfer refund there are additional fees that we will have to pay to refund your payment. We would like you to cover these fees because you asked us to refund the payment. 

If we have shipped the order the products must be returned to us and then we can make a refund. Please have in mind that you must pay for the return of the products and they must be new and unused and in the shape we have sent them.


I have ordered and payed but i can not wait for a delay sending in case of out of stock. Can I get a refund?

In cases in which we can not ship your order right away,  we have informed you about this and you do not what to wait for enlisting them in stock we can refund the payment to you. You can ask for a full refund, for refund on some of the products or you can wait for the products. We will cover all refund fees. And we will do as you instruct us to.


There is a diference in my order and in my bank statement. Why is that?

This is because you have been charged by your bank most likely for currency exchange or for some other service connected to using your bank card. The amount we have recieved is the one your order shows.


I have payed for the products. Are you obliged to send them to me?

We are of course obliged and happy to send you the products you have payed for. This is of course true if we keep the money. But sometimes it might happen that the shipping is forbidden, or impossible, or by any other reason we can not ship the products. In such cases we can and we will refund all the money from your order back to you. We hope you understand that just like you can cancle the order so can we.  

I do not find the answer to my question on this page.

If you do not find the answer of your question on this page please contact us by sending us an e-mail and we will promptly answer. If you do not recieve an answer to yor e-mail you can send it again. Rather often we reply to inquiries and we recieve a MailorDaymon message because some letter in the recipients eimail is not correct. You can write to You can as well call us but the line is not toll free.

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