Delivery information

We can deliver your order to your address. On this page you will find informations about all available delivery options. If you do not find the information you are looking for on this page please contact us via e-mail or phone call. You can also check out our F.A.Q. page where we have answered some of the most common questions.  

When you shop from our store you can choose from a huge variety of products and we can ship these products to a given address in your country. But please have in mind that some products are not allowed to be transported with couriers or post office packages and therefore we will not be able to ship them. An example of such products for some countries are oil colours and oil colour mediums like terpentine. So if you want to order oil colours you can write to us and we will check out what are the available delivery options. Thank you for the understanding. If you have already payed your order we will refund the payment as we will discuss with you via e-mails and telephone conversations.

Please feel free to ask us about international deliveries, best prices, best timing of deliveries, tracking your orders and of course everything about the products properties.

All international orders are shipped after a payment is recieved. Orders from Greece, Hungary, Chech Republic, Harvatska, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania can be shipped with the option of payment to the courier at the delivery.


International deliveries - Post Office

When we ship your order as a post office package we always ship with Priority Traceable Airmail. But the packages are not as traceable as they sound for there are periods when you do not have the option to trace them and as well there are countries where you can not trace them. Nevertheless these packages get delivered every time. 

The post office delivery is cheeper but is as well much slower. It can take from 10 to 30 days. If you would like to choose a delivery method that is faster you can choose a courier delivery.


International deliveries - couriers

We work with famous international delivery firms like DPD and FedEx. With these couriers we deliver your orders anywhere in the world. When you place the products you like in the shopping cart and fill in the delivery address the website will tell you what are the available delivery options. We constantly add new and better delivery conditions.


FedEx delivery

The FedEx delivery is an express delivery that can take from 1 to 4 days. Usually the delivery for countries in the European union and the United States are made in 1-2 days after we have send the package. You will recieve an e-mail confirmation from us that we have sent your order. The packages always carry the famous sign of FedEx logo and are pleasure to recieve. You can track the movement of the package on the FedEx website. 

DPD delivery

DPD deliveries are made usually from 4 - 8 days after the package has been sent for European countries. For some countries like Romania and Greece our DPD packages are delivered for 2-4 days.  Which is a great way to get your order delivered to you. You can track the movement of the package on the website of DPD.

Other delivery methods

If you want us to use another delivery method or you would like us to use a courier of your choce please send us an e-mail. We will contact your courier and if the delivery is possible we will send your order with the courier of your choice.


Frequently Asked Questions about deliveries


Can I order from one address and have the delivery to another address?

Yes. If you want to send someone a present you can place an order, pay it and give us a delivery address which is different. Even in a different country. We will notify you when we ship the order. 


Will the courier call me?

Usually the couriers call when they bring you your package but in diferent countries the couriers can perform diferent as well. For example in some countries the couriers can leave the package at your doorstep and  it will be there when you come home.


Do i have to pay additional fee for something?

No. You have prepayed your order and when the courier visits you  you do not have to pay anything else.


Do i have to pay if i change the address of delivery?

If the package is still with us and you want to change the address we will change it, of course. There is no diference in the cost of the delivery and if there is we will ask you. But once we shipp your order it is in on the move and is in the courier network. If you want to change the address in this case the courier might ask for an additional payment. Of course they might grant you a free delivery address change in correspondance to the local working habits.


Do you have free delivery?

We have free deliveries for orders above 100 euro for the teritory of Romania and Greece. We can offer free deliveries as well in other situations depending on the destination and type of producst that have to be delivered.


Do you have a Express delivery like 1-3 days?

Yes we can ship express and deliver to your door for 1-3 days. You need to tell us what are the products and we will confirm if we have them ready to be shipped to you. 


Do you deliver to USA?

Yes we deliver to USA and the delivery takes 1 - 4 days. Please have in mind we can not ship oil colours, terpentine and spray paints. And if you would like to check up on us and ask about the products you like please contact us for more information.


Where and how can I trace the movement of the package?

You can thrace the movement of your order usually in the platforms of the couriers. DPD has a tracking page, as well has FedEx. As for the post office packages you can trace them on the webpages of your local postoffice or at the address


How do you calculate the delivery cost?

The delivery cost is by rule calculated on the basis of the weight of the package in kilogrames. But in cases in which the volume is bigger and the kilogrames are not that many the price is calculated in the basis of the volume. The price includes as well fuel fee and taxes and is dictated by the delivery firm. 


Why do I see so many types of delivery options when i fill in the address?

The delivery options available for your country are provided by diferent speditors and sometimes we can add promotinal or flat delivery methods that will show as available options. If you want to ask us about these delivery options please contact us for additional information.


Can I place an order and get it in a few months?

Yes, if you are traveling or you want to recieve the order in a few months you can still place the order and tell us to postpone the sending. Please have in mind that if you choose as a delivery method the post office we can not give a precise estimate when the delivery will be made. It can take 10 days it can take 30 days. We know thought the courier delivery timing and this can help us predict the delivery with an estimate of a a few days sometimes we can tell the exact day. So if you are looking at the products in January and you want them delivered sometime in June we can do that fro you.  As we have explaned in the payment page this way you can ask us to hold the products for you and pay them when you want to and when the time comes.


Are the products packed well?

The orders are shipped in boxes and paper bags that are strong enought to keep your products safe. In special cases with pencils, creions, chalk and other tender materials we use additional air baloons and packing materials to keep the products safe. When your package arrives if you want to comment on it we will be very happy to recieave a feedback.


What shal i do if i have a problem with the delivery person?

If you have any kind of problem you need to contact the delivery firm and notify them of the problem. It is very good to inform us as well because we can help with the problem. And this will help us as well offer you better delivery service next time.


I do not find the answer to my question on this page.


If you do not find the answer of your question on this page please contact us by sending us an e-mail and we will promptly answer. If you do not recieve an answer to yor e-mail you can send it again. Rather often we reply to inquiries and we recieve a MailorDaymon message because some letter in the recipients eimail is not correct. You can write to You can as well call us but the line is not toll free.

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