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Kadife Craft shop offers you the option of obtaining very easily and comfortably materials suitable for your art projects. We constantly add new materials and try to keep a wide variety of products and craft utilities. Some of the products are beautiful handmade crafts that can be used as they are or can be implemented in bigger unique projects.

We believe that crafting is a state of mind in which too many materials can be transformed into beauty. And beauty has many faces. Therefore we try to offer as many materials as we can to create the perfect place where ideas can be turned into reality with just a few clicks and a total craft experience.  

We ship our products to many countries and do invest a lot of attention to provide the best possible service. We will keep you informed about everything you need to know about the products, the shipment and will answer you queries with outmost pleasure and care.

00359 884681801


You can write to us on our e-mail for more information and trust we will respond very quickly and accurately.


Thank you for visiting our online store!

Team of Kadife Craft

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