Polychromos pencils Faber-Castell

Polychromos pencils Faber-Castell


The amazing collecttion of Polychromos pencils is manufactured by Faber-Castell to give you an ever better and pleasant experience of the pencil drawing technique. Among the wonderful properties of the pencils in this collection are the softness of the drawing stick, the hight intencity of pigments that will provide you with a great drawing line and really intence drawing line with a soft and light pressure on the paper. You can really estimate the quality of these pencils when you hold one in hand and try it on the sheet of paper. We will show you how mkany leading qualities you will find in these pencils as we have shared this whole page on them. But if you want to go directly to see the boxes and buy them you can visit our Polychromos product page where you can choose either a box kit in different sizes or separate colours. If you have questions about the delivery options you can always write to us and we will tell you what the available options are for your country. If you would like to read our F.A.Q. first you can visit the page or visit our delivery information page. We will be happy to answer all  your questions.







But lets first look at the boxes we so much like and that they come as the perfect assembled kits of colours for your drwing projects and for your gifts.


As we will get use to this - the quality of Faber-Castel products comes with really nice looks as well


A perfect gift

The colours in the collection are as a total 120 and you can either take them in a metal box or i na beautiful wooden lucxurious box that is perfect for presents. The biggest box includes all 120 colours of the collection and is a really remarkable way to shou your respect both to your loved ones and to yourself. The pencils are placed on two levels as one of them moves up when you open the box in a very intriguing and smooth way.  As this box is created mainly to serve as a gift it has this beautifull finish on the loonks of the wooden box. Not only you can enjoy the hight quality pencils but you can have them at all times in this wonderfull box and when you start drawing to really relax and have a time out with yourself.

You will only need to take some time to enjoy.

So instead of look for the right mood or the right materials now you can enjoy everything about thiese pencils of Faber-Castel and only have to find the time.

The wondeful coolection of Polychromos pencils manufactured by Faber-Castel continues with more  available kits.


Carefully created colours for a better performance.


120 colours Polychromos

Full set of the colours in a metal box

The full set of colours of the Polychromos pencil collection is available as well in a comfortable metal box. The 120 colours Polychromos in a metal box are a perfect solution if you want to have the full collection but you do not need the fancy wooden box. This is a perfect solution especially in the first time enlistment of the collection and will provide you with all the needed colours for your work.

The pencils are placed in three separate sections that can be moved and are easily taken out from the metal box. This way you can place them on the surface you are working on and use them in the most comfortable way possible. Not only you are getting the full collection of colours but you can easily replace a colour that has finished by buying it separately to fill in your box.

This box is also very often bought for presents because it includes all the colours and will be the optimum starter kit with Polichromus pencils. Which is perfect both for professionals and begginers. The young artists who need such a comodity for their school  activities will be really impressed by this box and will enjoy it to the full degree of it's possibilities.


Desire to draw can drive to amazing art pieces


You can add a nice sharpener to this kit to make it really finished and all you need is to start drawing.

The collection of assembled combination of colours in boxes includes as well ones with a smaller number of colours.


To make the most of your colour choice - here is an idea.


60 colours Polychromos

The box with the best of the best colours

Well if you have to choose half of the colour set you will try to choose the best part of it. Still this is only half of the colour collection but if you try not to think of the missing colours this is a great set filled with some of the most important colours you will need.

The 60 colours Polychromos pencil box is metal and is arranged in two nice levels for the conveniance to move them as much as you like and keep the two levels always near you.

Once you get this wonderful set of colored pencils you will see how nicely the colors have been chosen. The smaller kits give you the opportunity to test the quality of the so famous pencils of Polychromos so that once you get them you can try out how they fit to your expectations and how to implement them with the materials you already have. These smaller kits serve perfectly as well when you are traveling and you need not a whole set to bring with you but just a few of the colours. And when we say just a few colours in some cases a few means 12 and in other cases it means 60 colours. So this way you can always enjoy the great pencils no matter what the situation is.

And as we said there are even smaller kits of Polychromos pencils to provide you with an ever better way to enjoy them.

36 colours Polychromos pencils

The super dupa fly collection..

If you have all these really amazing 120 colours and you have to choose only 36 of them what do you do? We really can not immagin how it is possible even to do that. Especially when you have to create this really compact and usefull set which will provide you with all the neccessary and basic colours and at the same time really help you not to feel the loss of the other 84 colours. So this kit is really the greatest in making you feel what it is to have a variety of colours but always know that there are so many more. Like a teaser to taste the greatest possibilities that stand in just a hand and a click from you.

To start from somewhere you need a taste of quality

The collection of 36 colours Polychromos is arranged in a nice metal box.

But this is not the smallest box you will find in the Polychromos collectin. It goes further with the 24 colours collection.

24 colours Polychromos pencils

The basics of Polychromos colours

This  set includes only 24 of the 120 colours that the collection of Polychromos pencils of Faber Castel has so they have been handpicked up to become a basics for your drawing projects. This means that the absolute minimum is yet to come but now you will have only a hint in the variety of the colours. Like a basic set that will give you enought to make drawing possible.

The 24 colours Polychromos pencils set comes in a very nice metal box and is created to offer you the option to move the pencils easily arround with you as you travel or as you visit some special places. It is practical and will be really having just a small part of what Polychromos can give you as a drawing and as a colour variety.

So as you choose this kit you must have in mind that it will make you desire more of the colour chart and you can always choose to have the separate pencils additionaly or take directly a bigger set with more colours. It really depends on what you are getting the kit for.

A very good starter and apetiser for more


And yet there is a smaller kit of Polychromos pencils that will have a set of only 12 colours.

12 colours Polychromos pencils

The teaser kit of Polychromos

This is the smallest kit that comes in the Polychromos collection and it is created to offer you just a taste of what Polychromos pencils are. It includes only the basic colours and with them you can try out the collection at a quality test for the softness of the led stick and the intencity of the pingments. As they are satisfying you will have the option to try them with different paper and see how they go with the other materials you have and work with.

Teasing it out to the full colour chart

The 12 colours Polychromos kit is really good if you like to buy your kid a very nice set of pencils but you don't want to overdo it and you want to provide it with only the main colours for it might not need all these fancy shades directly at the start. So this is a very good choice that will come as a very nice and pleasant surprise to some but for sure will give your child the best tools to show off with more abilities as drawing tools that provide a better performance make drawing experiance much more fun and provide much better environment for the talent to develope and show up.

The 12 colours come in a nice compact metal box that Faber-Castel created to make it more comfortable to cary them when you want to have them with you.


Besides these kits Faber-Castel have prepared some more Polychromos pencils kits that offer you a different approach

72 colours Polychromos pencils

A gift Polychromos wooden box

The gift boxes of Polychromos may be considered many but this is the seccond best after the big 120 collection wooden box that Faber-Castell have created especially to provide you with an additional choice option for presents.

This 72 colour Polychromos collection is again created with two levels one of which is movable and slides up when you open the box. The opening is atractive and smooth and the box is luxurious to the edge of it just like the bigger one we presented above.

The smaller collection of colours may come as a seccond best but is as well lighter to cary arround. If the wooden case is supposed to be carried arround more than usual a smaller kit might be a much better choice. Especially if you give it to a younger person to use in classes and school activities and you do not want them to cary heavy tools and materials with them but you want them to be provided with a special pencil kit so good for their talent and developement.

So you have this option whith the 72 colours which is more than half of the bigger box and more than the smaller 60 colours kit in a metal box. So this option is more like giving you a greater variety to choose from. And it is more or less like a middle thing between the bigger and smaller kits but in this fancy and pretty wooden box so easy to carry with you without being as heavy.


The collection includes as well a kit that is assembled as the total begginer and has 12 + 4 parts.


Mixed Media Polychromos set

The total begginer

Well remember the teaser kit of 12 parts we told you about - this is the bigger brother. The nicest part of it is that it includes the so important graphite pencils in two different hardnesess, an erraser and a sharpener. The sharpener is really a very important comodity beacuse it guarantees you a good care for the pencil top when you charpen it but as well a soft and nice cut in the wood. As we will talk later the wood that is used to create these pencils is premium California Cedar and traditionally Faber-Castell manufacture the pencils in such a manner that you can sharpen them very easyly.

This is important and as technologies become more and more developed traditional drawing tools like pencils become as well with a much greater quality. The behaviour of the drawing stick is as important as the properties of the wooden body of the pencil because if you are having trouble sharpening the pencil what goo will be a nice pigment in the stick. Polychromos pencils have all these in one place and always remember that Faber-Castell have placed a priority on their care for environement by planting new trees each year.  We will tell you more about their sustainable developement activities as well as good activities and practices of other manufacturers.

As we go forward in the presentation of Polychromos pencils collection we will  pay some more attention to the properties of the pencils.



The Polychromos colour pencils


The pencils of Polychromos come in a really nice variety of 120 colours. The pigments are handpicked so we can enjoy such nice nuances and tints of the colour shades. The intencity of the pigments gives you the opportunity to achieve a great number of the colour shades even with one pencil corresponding to how hard you are pressing the pencil to the paper and as well how many times you have placed it on the same place to build up a colour. So this is really great because when we speak of the ways to place the colours we will actually speak mainly of these properties of the pencils.

It corresponds as well to the softness of the lead stick for it is giving you the opportunity to spread the colour evenly on the paper nad even mix colours so well that you might even not be able to guess how the colour has been achived. Of course these properties are thanks to the recepy of the colour lead and as you know it is not made of actual lead. Sometimes we call it lead stick, colour lead but it is made of a specail pigment + recepy to have this smooth drawing  property.


The Drawing lead

There are really so many things that are important in the creation of the pencil and when we look at it as the ones who will use it we need to just for a seccond take a look at what it is made from and how many things are responsible for the properties of a pencil. Usually we tend to forget  how complicated the creation of a pencil can be if we have to take all the components by ourself, if we have to prepare the parts for the assembling and at the end all the various procedures to finish it - this is like a whole universe of things to do to just create one pencil.


The drawing lead of the Polychromos collection has a hight concentration of pigments so it can give you the intencity of the colours you want to achieve. This means that you can use the pencils in a great way even if you do not have many of the colours. The rich pigments can help you create new shades and will provide you with an exellent performance. But most of all the carefull and good choice of the pigments, the way they have been used and arranged has become the basis of the really nice colour set of 120 colours all of which important and beautiful. All this is based on the choice of pigments.

If we look closer we might even be tempted to say that all that a pencil is is the pygment like all other drawing tools and paints, but when it comes to talk about the pencil it is really not that simple. Still the choice of pigments is an extremely important step of getting you a great collection to work with.

Recepy of the lead

A very important part of the pencil properites come from the softnes and behaviour of the lead when it thouches the paper surface. Of course the different types of paper will get you as well at a certain degree a different resault in the colours. You can not remove the influence of the paper type out from this equasion. But having this important paper issue in mind the properties of the pencil thouching the paper deppend mainly on the recepy of the drawing lead. We of course do not know this one and we do not know what are the proportion of clay inside and other components but for sure can egnolige that it is really good.

The recepy of the lead is connected to other very important properties as well like the water soluable or water resistant side of the pencil. The Polychromos collection is waterresistant after you place it on the sheet.

Size of the lead

The diameter of the drawing lead is 3.8 mm and is of a very comfortable width especially for sharpening. The size of the lead includes two main things it's diameter and it's lenght. Usually the professional pencils have a bigger diameter and they  sometimes may reach somekind of a Jumbo proportion that we commonly present to kids. But the Polychromos lead size is somwhere in the middle between the school size and the jumbo size with it's 3.8 mm diameter. And we find this width actually very good. The lenght is as most pencils 17 cm.

Secure all covering

The Drawing lead is covered in a special medium secure all coating that prevents it from braking. If you drop the pencil this coating will protect the drawing lead to the maximum degree and might secure it to a total protection which is much better than the pre secureall of the lead times when the droping of a pencil meant almost the end of it. We remember how it was. Once you drop a pencil you can forget about it. You can sharpen and sharpen until the end of the pencil itself and it will go on braking as if you hit it with a hammer.  So this is a great advantige we are getting used to and the modern technologies have given us this to prevent us from destroying our tools as we work with them. Probably the youngest artists do not have this lead braking experience exactly because of the lead protection layer and will wonder what are we so much talking about. But this is a great thing.


Wooden coating

A very important part of the pencil is the wooden coating that it has recieved and the behaviour it will have in correspondance to the drawing lead. There are some very important aspects of its creation and performance that makes what a pencil actually is. These are for example the type of wood, the aditional preparation of the wood, the coating process and the painting-printing it.

Wood type

As we already know the Polychromos pencils are made with California Cedar wood which is really smooth to work with but hard enought to protect and hold the drawing lead inside. So actually the choice of the wood for the wooden coating is of extreme importance. Not only it is important what is the kind of the wood - what tree species has been chosen but is important as well when you harvest the wood. So choosing the wood is important part of the creation of the pencil. But not only you must find a very good wood material you need to work with it so that when you place it in the sharpener it must slide inside and cut evenly. The Polychromos collection is of exellent property in this domain. As this is just a beautiful property it maked drawing great fun without having to break some pencils in the process. Now we can just enjoy drawing.

Coating procedure

Now you might ask why this is important but it actually it is. Becuase during the coating of the pencil the precision of the lead being embeded in the wooden part is of importance. If the lead is not correctly positioned you will have breakings. And in the polychromos collection precision is hightly valued.

Shape of the pencil

The shape of Polychromos pencils is round and very beautiful. It looks traditional and corresponds as a mood to the quality of the drawing lead. The round shape is also great when we have mixed the Faber-Castell Aquarelle pencils form the Albrecht Durer collection with the Polychromos. The Polychromos are round and the Albrecht Durer are hexagonal so it is really easy to go arround them and pick up what we need.


The colours of the final coating with paint on top of the wooden pencil is not only made pretty but is made as well to protect the pencil from damages. For example if you spill water on an uncoated pencil the water will influence it. But the painted - coated with paint pencils this problem is solved. And the pencils look really pretty with all these amazing colours and the beautiful golden print of the pencil number and colour.


Additional tools that become very usefull in the presence of pencils


The tools and items that can be of really great importance when you work with pencils are really great to have in hand. For example you will need that really nice sharpener as a starter because you will either have your pencils sharpened by a nice sharpener or by a nice cutter knife. So A quality pencil will need that good sharpener.


You will find many sharpeners on the market. They come in such a great variety and at the same time the very essence is always the same. You will use them to sharpen pencils either of the most standerd size or of the Jumbo size. Some of them are double and some of them have rubbers inside. You will find many such models in the collections of Milan and Faber-Castell. You will also see that they come in a very nice variety of shapes, colours and some of them have aditional extras like a special design or a special opening. Some of the models actually have won prises for best  product design at different events. So there is really a great choice and you can take a look at some of them in the sharpener page in our website.


When you sharpen up pencils and various graphites you can also use a very interesting abrasive tool with a handle.


Single colours Faber-Castell Polychromos available

The collection of Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils comes as well as singular colour pencils available for your talored choice of the set. This practicaly mean that you can get any colour you like as a single pencil without having to buy a whole set. And this is great especially if you already have some of the colours and you just want to add some more shades of a colour group or you want to refill the palette you have with a pecil that has gone out.

The colours of Polychromos palette are 120 and you can find bigger palettes. But what is really important is that the pigments in these pencils are so intence that you can get from pale shade to intence shade of a colour and actually so much more than what usual palletes offer.


Some more about the performance of the Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

Hard to break

Well you know how some pecils break when you work with them. These pencils are really hard to break. The drawing led is very hard and strong and as you layer the nice vibrant colours the stick stays steady and will not break whyle you draw. This is a great advantage for this collection. You probably know that Faber-Castell create the student collections of pencils with a coated drawing lead inside the pencil to help children keep their pencils from breaking. Obviously they have used all the best technologies they have in hand to create the Polychromos pencils as well so they are realy hard to break while you draw as well.

Intense pigments

To have these pencils arround is really a fantastic idea. The colours are very nice and the pigment is very intense. That means that if you press slightly you will get a really light colour but if you press harder the pecil you will get a colour very intense and dark to the full extend of the colour of the stick.Which is not available that way in other collection. This means as weel that when you buy 36 colours you actually get double that. And imagine if you get the whole 120 pencils set of the Polychromos how many shades of the colours you will have. This means as well that they are not at all pricy because you get much more shades.


Well these pecils are indeed waterproof and that is one of the main diferences berween them and the Albrecht Durer Faber-Castell collection which is Aquarelle one. But it is very interesting if you try use them with solvent. The resault is pretty much amaising. And gives you a great new world of drawing opportunities. 

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