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Kadife Craft Ltd. is the owner of this online shop for craft materials and goods. We produce some of the craft tools in our website and work with high quality materials. All the goods are craft materials or can be used in craft projects. Our goal is to serve in the best interest of our clients and we will hold on this and on providing a high quality service.


We ship international orders worldwide and trace out packages until they reach the customers. We ship our international orders after the payment is made. We reserve the right to change pricing but not after the order is made. We can cancel an order and so can the client.


We provide the client with all the information needed to order, pay and receive the products in our web store. Our client assistants will answer to all your letters in a short notice and will try to be as useful as possible.


All the prices in this web store have 20 % VAT included.

The delivery cost is not calculated in the products and is paid additionally by the client. We can cover parts of the delivery price when such an arrangement is made and confirmed by us. Different destinations have different delivery cost. Our website will give you information about every location. If the website does not provide this information please write to us on the following e-mail:


The payment of the products is made in correspondence with ar.93. p.1 of the Law of the Obligations and Contracts \LOC\ in the country of registration.



Kadife Craft Ltd.

Sofia 1505, Bulgaria

Bratovan str. 8


No one can use the images we uploaded for commercial use unless with our permition. Some of the images are third party property and we cannot give you a permition to use them.

You can find additional information about the website, the orders, payment and delivery on the folowing pages:

Registration and orders

Payment methods

Delivery information


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