How do I order?

You can register in our website and order directly through the website. The website will ask for the delivery address, your name and your phone number. We need this information to fill the shipment info. Your personal information will be used only for sending the order.


Is there a minimum amount of the order?

No, there is no minimum or maximum amount of the order you can make. As long as the delivery price is suitable for you we can ship anything from our website to you.


Can I change the currency on this website?

The website automaticaly can show you the prices of the products in your own currency. You can chose that option form the drop down menu on the right side navigation "currency" right udner the search box. When you proceed to ordering the prices will continue to show in your currency. That is more convenient and will give you clear information of the prices of the products. If you don't find your own currency please let us know via e-mail.


Can I order by e-mail?

Yes you can order by e-mail and we will answer on the same or on the next day. We will send you a letter with all details about delivery, price of the products, delivery timing, payment details and other information needed. When you confirm our letter we will expect the payment and ship your order.


How do I pay?

International orders are paid before we ship the order. After we receive your order we will ask for a confirmation from you and after everything is confirmed – price of delivery, the products, period of delivery we will expect the payment. The payment can be made via Pay Pal or by Bank transfer. Have in mind that bank transfer fee must be paid by the client so Pay Pal is somewhat cheaper. After we receive the payment we will ship the order the first working day and in about 7 days the order will arrive.


Can I pay to the courier when the order is delivered?

We can offer this option only for the folowing countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Harvatska, Chech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. For the rest of the countries this option is not yet available.


In what currency will I pay?

If you pay to our Pay Pal account we will expect to receive the amount of the order in euro. But you can send it from your account in different currency as long as we receive the expected amount in euro. If you pay us by bank transfer you pay in your currency the amount pointed and the money will arrive in our bank in our currency. If you have questions about payment and currency you can write to us on our mail:


Can I trace the package?


Yes you can trace the package. All packages have an unique transport code with which you can trace its location at any moment of the shipment.


How will I know what will be the price of delivery?

The price of delivery is automatically calculated by our website on the basis of the weight and destination for delivery. This information will be provided to you before you finish your order and will give you the option to go back and edit the chosen products. Our website is very easy and comfortable to work with. If by chance such information is not provided to you a customer administrator will contact you by e-mail to tell you the available delivery cost.


Can I have an express delivery?

Yes you can ask for an express delivery. We now offer you the option of Fed Ex delivery which is really express and can be delivered from 1 to 4 days at your door. You can choose this option automaticaly whyle you are placing your order. Before you order you can contact us via phone call or an e-mail for a confirmation that the products are in stock and ready to be shipped instantly. We are happy to offer you this express delivery and hope we can be useful to you.


Can I use a delivery firm chosen by me?

Your comfort is our priority. If you prefer a certain delivery firm we will do our best to work with it. But if we cannot contact the firm of your choice or this firm has no office or partner in our city we will provide alternative options hopefully very satisfying.  You can send us info about this matter on our e-mail.


How long does the delivery take?

The period of delivery is between 7 and 15 days. The longer period is due to the international delivery process that can take some time. Never the less if you shop for products that are much cheaper or our store is more comfortable for you than any other offline or online store we will be happy to be of service. We work with trustworthy delivery firms and our packages arrive safely and without delays. If you shop from the products of Vervaco additional 15 days might be needed.


When will I receive a confirmation letter from you?

A letter is sent automatically by our website the second you confirm the order. In a few hours a second letter will arrive that we know and are ready to send. If there is an obstacle for sending the order you will receive the info very quickly and will be asked how we should proceed - whether the order is going to be canceled, or changed, or postponed. We might call you as well if in need to.


What shall I do if the product does not correspond to what I ordered?

If by chance you receive a product you haven’t ordered, please write to us, tell us what is wrong and give us a chance to take care of this problem.


I have a product in my package I haven’t ordered?

It is possible that you receive promotional gifts from us. We hope you will find them useful or pretty.


Can I return the products?

Yes, in 7 days you can return the products and have your money back but the way back delivery price must be paid by you and the products must be unopened and in the same shape we have sent them.


Is my order a form of contract?

Yes, when you order you agree to our terms & conditions and as so you sign a contract. But you can cancel this contract before the shipment is made by telling our assistant who is working over your order to cancel it. We are here to ease you in the shopping process and therefore we will try to always work in your best interest. All our clients know that we ship exactly what they have told us to. And we cancel exactly as they wanted. We cannot cancel an order that has been confirmed and shipped already. In this case you will have to return it and pay for the deliveries but you will receive your money over the products back. Nevertheless we will still try to stop it and lower the price for the shipment if this is possible.


E-mail newsletters?

We sometimes send newsletters to our clients. If you do not want to receive newsletters you can check this option off. If you have not checked this option during the registration you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the last newsletter you have received.


I would like to call you.

You can call our international sales assistant at this number 00359898437245. The call is not free. We can answer all your questions about delivery and product details.


I don’t find the answers to my questions on this page.

We will be happy to send you more information. Please write to us on our e-mail and expect a reply on same or on the next day.

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