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This is a material or tool that causes surface changes and slight surface destruction on the object and in such a manner makes it look older. There are all kinds of chemicals and tools that can abrase the surface of an object.

Abstract Expressionism

Fine art movement in which the artist places the paint with emotional power on the canvas in a search of an emotional provocation rather than trying to draw some shape or object. Very often the artist is working with bigger brushes and on bigger canvas surfaces.


This is a substance that fastens the process of a chemical reaction. It can be used in various cases to make the process of influence on a certain surface much faster.

Acrylic paint

The acrylic paints are created on the basis of polyacryls and synthetic clays that allow fast drying periods and have no smell. The acrylic paint is water soluble and can be cleaned with water before it is dry, but once it dries out it becomes water resistant. These paints can be used on various surfaces and are perfect both for drawing and for decorations on metal, wood, textile, glass and many other.


The ability of an element to glue surfaces. Adhesion of the paint is considered the capability of the paint to glue itself to the drawing surface.


Spanish word signifying a mud brick. This brick is made of a compound of sand, clay, water and other organic materials like hair and sticks. This material has been used in most parts of the world to build housing. There are whole cities built with such materials that exist even today.  


The aerograph is a small instrument powered by pressured air to spray paint and dust materials. The aerograph is used to spray the paint evenly and by pulverizing them in to tiniest drops so the drawing line can be even and smooth. It is considered that the inventor of the aerograph is Abner Piler. In 1878 he patented his aerograph under the name “paint distributor”.


A group of substances that have a high degree of vaporization and weeker soluable capabilities. Examples are methanol, ethanol and isopropyl.


Substance that has a pH value between 7 and 14. It is a base.


Animation is created by layering in time and space separate images as each new image has a slight change from the former. When you run the consequence you get the illusion of movement. Animation can be drawn by hand or it can be computer generated. In some cases Animation is created by layering photographed objects created by clay or sand or other materials creating amazing artistic effects.


Humanlike or resembling something human – a quality a physical or emotional resemblance. In most cases Anthropomorphic is used to describe cartoons like Tom and Jerry who are a cat and a mouse but act like humans and have human qualities and behavior.

Aquarelle paint

Aquarelle paint or watercolor paint are water based and solvent. Usualy they contain pigment, gumum arabicum and honey. These paints give unique transparent looks and can give bright intense color. Here you can find all our offers on aquarelle and watercolor paints.





Bargello is a type of embroidery created with long stitches in geometric designs. It is known under different names - florentine embroidery, hungarian embroidery and also flame embroidery. 



English embroidery

A type of embroidery which is created by a variety of embroidery stitches and crochet. It is complicated as a technique and because of that in contemporary crafts it is very rarely made. Most contemporary examples are machine made.  This technique origins from Czech republic and is called English because of the high interest and admiration it has received in England in 19 century.

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