Porcelain paint Marabu Porcelain pink rose

Porcelain paint Marabu Porcelain pink rose

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15 ml. porcelain paint from the collection Porcelain of Marabu. This paint does not need to be fixated by heating and the painted objects can be used right after the paint is dry. The paint will be resistant to washing up to 50 degrees Celsium and is a wonderful way to decorate plates and glasses and turn them into something unique and really valuable. The collection includes 18 main colours plus 8 brocat and metalic ones for even more decoration ideas.


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How to use: Before you start painting you need to clean the surface very good and make sure it has no dust and fat on it. You need to stir the paint well and you can draw with a bruch or other tool you find usefull. The paint will dry in 30 minutes but to make sure it will be resistant to washing you need to wait for 3 days before you put it in the dish washer. Working with this paint is really easy and a great fun!

by Емилия Емилова, 10 Apr 2019

Супер продукт :)

by Емилия Тошева, 14 Feb 2019

Супер е :)

by Емилия Тошева, 03 Feb 2019

Супер :)

by Емилия Тошева, 13 Dec 2018

Супер :)

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