Pencil Soft PITT Pastel Faber-Castell black

Pencil Soft PITT Pastel Faber-Castell black

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: IM8816011999840PS

The pastel pencils PITT Pastel manufactured by Faber-Castell work perfectly as complimentary tools in the dry pastel drawings. They have hight consistency of pigments and provide an exellent drawing performance even on dark drawing surfaces. They can be used as the main drawing tools and they can be combined with other softh pasels for a various kinds of drawing effects. These pastel pencils are famous for their hight quality performance.  

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Many artists prefer to work with pastel pencils because the working process is clean and the hands stay clean. Working with them gives you a pencil drawing experience combined with the soft pastel technique which is very pleasant and rewarding. They provide the possibility of creating a fine and detailed drawing which has the character of the soft pastels but at the same time the precision of other drawing tools. 

The collection gives you about 60 colours and a great attention has been given to the pastel and earth colours for they are very much used in pastel drawings. The pastel stick is placed inside the pencil container and can be sharpened very easily for the pencil is made of wood treated and shaped with the best modern tools.

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