Dry pastel pencil Koh-I-Noor titan white

Dry pastel pencil Koh-I-Noor titan white

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: KN8820001001KSDP

Dry pastel pencil manufactured by Koh-I-Noor with great quantity of pigments and softness which gives them exellent properties as pastels. The colours blend perfectly, they are lightfast and that makes them very nice to work with. The wooden part of the pencil is made of easy to sharpen wood which guarantees you a better performance and preservation of the pastel inside. The diameter of the pastel stick is 4.2 mm inside the pencil. 

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The easy sharpening of the pastel is important in soft pastel pencils because it guarantees you the good performance of the pastel. If they sharpen smoothly the pastel will not break and feel pressure which can resault in bad performance. Just the way we never treat soft pastels rudly because they tend to return back the favour with bad performance. So these pastels have great properties and this is very good. 

Dry pastel pencils are used to create fine details and drawings with lots of details.They are perfect for artists who like to keep their hands clean and prefere pencil work. And would like to go even softer than pencil softness. 

Usually artists combine them with other types of pastels if they need to cover bigger areas. They also use them in combinations with other kinds of graphites and materials to provide special effects and fine drawing details.  

When you work with dry pastels you can use the technique of the layers and draw again and again on the same area by placing lack and firnis layers in between. These fixative layers help you create a surface ready to take more of the soft pastel because from time to time it can happen to reach a moment when the drawing can no longer accept the pastel well and the more you put the worse it gets. So with just a little fixative you can seal the area and add the colour you would like to work without having it mix with the colours underneath. This is a great way to work with soft pastels and it gives you more options.

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