Dry Soft pastel TOISON D'OR metal grey

Dry Soft pastel TOISON D'OR metal grey

Weight: 0.020 Kgs
Code: KN8500017002SVPT

The pastels from the colection Toison D'Or are a traditional product of Koh-i-Noor manufactured with quality compounds carefully selected during the years and non toxic. The Toison D'OR 8500 series includes 126 colours that mix very well with eachother nd other dry pastels. They provide a very wide palette for a grater variety of possibilities in drawing. Size of the pastel 9 mm diameter, 7.5 cm lenght.

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Koh-i-Noor tell us that during the long period of manufacturing they have menaged to keep the properties of the Toison D'Or 8500 series pastels at a high permanent level and that the materials used in the process are handpicked and very carefully studied before used in them. Therefore you get clean and non toxic pastels that have exellent properties. The main compounds are carefully dustified and then a rich bouquet of pigments is added to create what you draw with and to achieve the soft and velvet structure of the pastels. As the main goal has always been to create dry pastels with a long lifespan, beautiful colours and exellent performance properties. 

When you work with dry pastels it is always advisable to fixate the drawing with fixatives and lack after you finish drawing. This makes the life of the drawing longes as it prevents the patricles of the dry pastel to fall off the surface of the painting. The need of fixating is due to the dusty nature of dry pastels and the fact that the particles of the dry pastels are not that sticky and have a low resistance to thouching and wind and so on. Therefore the lack is a very good protection and as well as a bonus protects the pastels from the sunlight and makes the lifespan of the drawing longer.

These Toison D'Or 8500 pastels are exellent for a wide range of ocasions and can serve and perform very well both for professionals and for students.

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