Brush Gioconda round sinthetic 1/8

Brush Gioconda round sinthetic 1/8

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: AS273018GB

The brush Gioconda is manufactured with quality materials and a steady ferul that will make the life of your brush longer. The brush is manufactured with sinthetic hair which is suitable for a very good variety of paints and techniques of drawing. The specific shape of these brushes will provide you with additional options.

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Always dry the the brushes when you stop working with them for this will make their lifespan logner. Do not keep them in water or in solvent all the time because the ferula and the wood will slowly start to destroy and you will loose the good properties of your bush in a shorter time. Also if you keep the brush in water or in solvents the shape of the brush will change and that will influence the performance of the brush when you draw. 

As a rule the paints you work with will perform better if you work with nice brushes. Or otherwise said if you are trying to draw with nice paints but with inapropriate brushes the resault will not be as good as it can be. So choose your brushes and have in mind that the better the brush the easyer the drawing proces for what you want is closer to what is possible to achive. Also the variety of brushes we work with - this is as good as having the best tools from which to choose from. The point where the top of the brush thouches the drawing surface is the point where your ideas and soul  are becoming reality. Therefore the importance of this is as big as all the other components of the drawing process if not even more important. 

Gioconda has a firm and steady shape of the hair and will allow you to use its surface in different ways and to get different effects as you can controll the preshure and angle between the drawing surfce and the line of drawing of the brush.

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