Acrylic matt marker Marabu Deco Painter 1-2 mm beige

Acrylic matt marker Marabu Deco Painter 1-2 mm beige

Weight: 0.050 Kgs
Code: IM882304099913247UM

This universal marker pen is suitable for a great number of surfaces and will perform exellent on metal, glass, wood, plastic, porcelain and many other surfaces and types of materials. You can combine them with a great number of other paints, contours and markers and you can create memorable decorations that are unique and personalized.

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When you open the marker pen you need to shake it very well and then you need to press the top of the marker onto a piece of paper untill the ink drops down and colours the top of the marker. You will see how the ink enters the white writing top and after that the marker is active and ready to be used. After you are done drawing and writing with it you need to keep it in a horizontal position.

These markers are really universal and you can decorate a great variety of objects with them. You can draw on leather, glases, boxes, metal objects and many other and you can create trully amasing decorations. Marabu have created the markers so well that you can actually write even on difficult surfaces. 

The paint will dry up after 1 - 24 hours in correspondance to what type of surface you are drawing on. The markers come in different size of the tip - 0.8, 1-2, 2-4. With these you can go into fine details and wide drawing lines and combine them into wonderful decorations.

The marker has a matt finish and is lightfast. It is weather resistant as well and is created of organic solvents without the use of xylol and toulene. You can use them to create wonderful decorations. 

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