Wooden figure - Butterfly 5 - Craftabilia

Wooden figure - Butterfly 6 - Craftabilia

Weight: 0.070 Kgs
Code: KM1304WD

Wooden decoration figure with size 75 mm / 65 mm / 3 mm. You can decorate this wooden shape with various paints and drawing and decoration techniques like decoupage. It will become fun to create with your loved ones and fun to enjoy during the holidays. You can use acrylic paints, guash and many other paints. 

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These wooden shapes for decoration and toys are light and easy to hang on christmass trees and other decorations. They are easy to decorate and paint and they can become really beautiful when decorated with various art techniques and materials. 

You can use them to create embossed area over a surface and you can glue them very easy if you want to. They are light, strong and fun to decorate and to have. When you are ready with the decoration you can place a finish lack with glossy, matt or even satin finished looks.

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