Textile paint Quasart Professional 15 ml. Red

Textile paint Quasart Professional 15 ml. Red

Weight: 0.120 Kgs
Code: KQ15054TA

This textile paint is water-based and is ideal for school work, craft and hobby, and also for professionals. Designed specifically for drawing on all kinds of fabrics, but is also suitable for light-colored cotton, linen, silk, jute and mixed fabrics. Perfect for decoration, painting on fabric and stenciling and is not suitable for complete dyeing fabrics (for overall dyeing fabrics click here). After fixing, the fabric is resistant to washing up to 40°C. All colors can be mixed with one another. Recommended overlay a thick layer of paint on a thick and hard materials (eg. Felt). Can be used in combination with special textile paints Quasart Professional Textil Paints. Quantity 15 ml.

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After application and drying of textile dye is fixed with iron without steam or in an oven at 150 ° C for about 8 minutes.


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