Canvas for drawing on a model Azuro In the forest

Canvas for drawing on a model Azuro kitten

Weight: 0.250 Kgs
Code: KQ15083DW

Canvas for painting with acrylic paints. Size 12 cm / 18 cm. You can create really impressive paintings by following the contours of the drawing base. When applying the paints, follow the main lines of the drawing to get a drawing as close as possible to the model. When you are ready, you can add additional details where you see fit. This model gives you the basic contours of the drawing, but also gives you the opportunity to improvise in the choice of colors, how to apply the paint and the choice of paint. Since the canvas is stretched on a wooden frame, you can work with both acrylic and oil paints. For additional effects you can use other paints and materials such as watercolor, tempera and structural pastes and markers.

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The sets of this collection are varied and very picturesque. You can choose from a large number of stories, except that the models are different in variety and in color saturation and different degree of detail of the drawing.

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