Satin ribbon 3 meters Light English red

Satin ribbon 3 meters Brown

Weight: 0.030 Kgs
Code: KB012364RB

Satin ribbon for kraft and hobby decorations. This ribbon is suitable for a variety of textiles, for tying gifts, for making beautiful cards and for decorating and creating many other types of artistic objects. The ribbons are 1 cm wide and 2 meters long and have a wide variety of colors.

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Satin ribbons are a charming addition to any decoration. They are used in combination with all other types of ribbons, giving an ethereal and more elegant look to the flanges.

Their transparency can also be used by placing as many layers as thick as you want the ribbon to become. These ribbons are used to make charming roses and other types of flowers. You've seen them in many places - they fold relatively easily and holding the ribbon in a certain position can be done by stitching, gluing with a hot gun and even by melting the ribbon itself.

These ribbons are ideal for creating embroideries with ribbons and are usually combined with other ribbons. They are used as an accent on a pre-prepared base, which is well stretched in a frame or in an embroidery frame so that the pattern can be placed well on the fabric. Ribbons are used to make various types of flowers on the textile panel - roses, irises, daisies, marigolds, carnations, blueberries and many others. The paintings and panels made with this technique are impressive and often very exquisite.

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