Central Dating Office, by Heliana Stoichkova BG

Fairytales - A Tale of Man's Best Friend, by Heliana Stoichkova BG

Code: 9789549188448

Literature, Language - bulgarian

A children's tale that includes 8 separate tales. 70 pages. Printed edition with format 23.5 / 16.5. If you order it will be delivered to you by courier. The book is full of adventures, vicissitudes and stories from the world of fairy tale characters by Heliana Stoichkova. It is part of a long series of children's stories written for the youngest readers with a lot of love. The illustrations are very beautiful graphics, executed by the author and with a very childish feeling of joy.

Author of the fairy tales Heliana Stoichkova

Author of the illustrations Louisa Hamel

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