Aquarelle markers Marabu Aqua Pen Graphix Metropolitan

Double-ended watercolour brush pens Staedtler Design Journey 18 colors

Weight: 0.290 Kgs
Code: KO27367SR

Staedtler watercolor marker set specially designed for watercolor technique and for mixed techniques with other materials such as watercolor pencils and other markers. The set contains 18 double-sided markers. On one side the marker has a contour pen 0.5-0.8 mm, and on the other side the marker is in the form of a brush with a writing thickness of 1.0 to 6.0 mm. Working with these markers is very pleasant, the ink is especially highly water soluble and allows you to achieve amazing effects in the drawing.

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You can use them together with other drawing materials and tools for mixed techniques and you can combine them with many other markers for various effects. The drawing becomes smooth, the colour  spreads beautifuly and the colors can be mixed easily. 

You can create amazing drawings with these new and really quality performance markers and use a sinthetic brush wheather a round brush or a fat one to work out the drawings with the water. Always use clean water as you work with these markers to keep the colours from becoming greyish and to keep their brightness.

You can as well take a look at our aquarelle page for more ideas on the aquarelle technique as this one is something really trully amazing to create and enjoy looking at. 

To keep your markers safe please do not dipp them into the water. 

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