MDF bag handles - 2pcs.

MDF bag handles - 2pcs.

Weight: 0.070 Kgs
Code: KM2334737WD

Set of MDF bag handles 150 mm / 90 mm / 2 mm. You can color and decorate in a variety of ways - you can use acrylic paints, tempera paints and many other types of materials and decorations.

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MDF bag handles are lightweight and very comfortable. You can decorate them with a variety of papers, paints, pastes, mediums and give them a wide variety of effects.

When you are done with the design and have applied all the effects you want, you can apply a protective layer of varnish on the surface to protect it from touching, moisturizing and to make the decoration more durable and beautiful. There are lacquers that give a shiny effect, but there are also varnishes that leave the surface dull or satin when dry.






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