Aquarelle paint White nights - Cadmium lemon

Aquarelle paint White nights - Cadmium lemon

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: AS911203SP

Aquarelle block paint 2.5 ml. from the collection "White nights" of Nevskaya Palitra Sankt Peterburg. Made in Russia. Quality aquarelle paint good for professionals and for begginers. 

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The technoology of the real aquarelle paints is for them to be dried not pressed at the final phase because when pressed the paints change their properties and the quality gets lower. As for the aquarelle paints that are dried without pressure the quality of the binding materials and the pigments remains the same and as soon as you thouch the paint with a wet brush it gives you colour. The collection of Sonet and White Night aquarelle paints are both unpressed dried aquarelle paints that provide an exellent quality both for proffessionals and for students at an afordable price. The paint is rich in pigments and gives beautiful colours.

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