Mărgele și nasturi Mărgele și nasturi


Plastic Beads (20)

Collection of plastic beads in different shapes and colores. 

Small beads (6)

Beautifull small plastic beads. Size 2 mm / 4 mm.

Wooden beads (5)

Wooden beads for decoration in different shapes, sizes and colors. 

Stone Beads (0)

Demi precious stone beads for jewlery and toys. They are perfect for decoration of art projects and crafts.

Glass beads (11)

Glass beads in diferent colors and surface.

Metal Beads (3)

Metal beads for decoration and jewlery.

Instruments and materials for jewelery (2)

Boxes, instruments and other materials for jewelery and art projects.

Wooden buttons (116)

Unique wooden buttons in various sizes and shapes suitable for clothing and kraft projects - cards, decoration, patchwork.

Various plastic buttons (24)

Plastic buttons in various shapes and colors for both cloths and decoration. Amazing kits with colorful and pretty button collections.

Metal Buttons (0)

Metal buttons for art projects, clothes and other decorations. Here you can find as well the beuttons of Santorio.

Pendants (11)

Pendats for jewellery or decoration.

Metal pendants (77)

Metal pendants for jewlery and decorations in various shapes and sizes - solid and very pretty.